Longtime Red River Army Depot mechanic inducted into AMC Hall of Fame

Longtime Red River Army Depot mechanic inducted into AMC Hall of Fame

A mechanic with 54 years of experience at the Red River Army Depot was recently announced as the first industrial artisan to be inducted into the Army Materiel Command’s Hall of Fame.

James Carpenter has rebuilt, repaired and overhauled combat systems and tactical vehicles for the US Army since 1967.

While he’s always taken pride in his work ethic throughout his long career, he never thought an honor like this would come his way.

“I was really humbled by it and very honored,” he said. “It was quite a shock because I didn’t see it coming. I’m still in awe of it.”

Adrienne Brown, RRAD public information officer, said Carpenter is the first artisan or mechanic to be inducted into the AMC Hall of Fame.

“There hasn’t been anybody else like Mr. Carpenter to be inducted,” she said. “It speaks a lot about the type of work he’s doing there.”

Supervisor Michael Reich said Carpenter is known across the company as being a reliable and detailed employee.

“His work ethic, his attitude and everything he does — he’s just meticulous,” he said. “It’s got to be right, or he won’t let it go. He’s been a mentor to a lot of the younger people I’ve got. He’s just that kind of a guy that it’s a pleasure to have on my team, and he’s one I can go to with just about anything I need done. I can leave it with him, walk off and not worry about it.”

Knowing that the work he does is for the soldiers motivates him to do a good job, Carpenter said.

“I work on a little bit of everything,” he said. “I just enjoy doing what I’m doing. And when I do my work, I want it done right. That’s just the kind of person I am.”

Reich said the AMC only inducts three or four people around the country each year into the hall of fame, so for Carpenter to be selected was a pretty exciting proposition.

“I was pretty impressed when I saw the recent inductees. It’s a pretty big deal.”

Carpenter was inducted as a member of the Class of 2022 during a ceremony Sept. 20 at AMC Headquarters at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

“I’m excited about it. It’s been such an honor to me and a blessing from God,” he said. “I want to give God the praise for it, because he’s the one that made it happen.”

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