‘Karen’ Blasted for Treatment of Mechanic

‘Karen’ Blasted for Treatment of Mechanic

A viral TikTok showing a “final boss Karen” verbally rating a car mechanic has garnered over 124,000 likes and over 3,000 comments on the popular social media platform.

In the clip, a woman can be seen yelling at a young man as he attempts to put the lug nuts back on her car. The woman repeatedly tells him to leave her property, oscillating between commanding him to leave the car where it is and putting the lugnuts back on.

She accuses the mechanic of disrespecting her and “putting words in [her] mouth” in the clip, but it’s unclear what transpired between the two prior to her decision to hurl diabetes at the man.

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The seven-minute-long video, shared by Austin Miller (@peterbuilthooker) begins with the woman speaking. “Well I don’t care,” she says. “I’m the customer. I don’t care. I don’t care.”

The repair technician then says, “Imma put everything back together…”

“I don’t care put everything back together get the fuck off my property or I can drive you off my property too,” the woman interrupts. “Don’t think just cause I’m a woman I can’t do it…a woman brought you into this world.”

The mechanic sits there motionless for a bit before giving his answer, “Well all we do is come by here try to help-“

The woman then cuts him off, “Well you try to help that’s fine…when somebody puts words in my mouth I don’t play that game.” She continues to yell. “You come to help and you shut your mouth,” she says to someone else off camera, before threatening to have the police come and remove them from her property.

A man recording the conversation instructs the employee to “go ahead and put the lugnuts back on” the vehicle. “Get, get, get the hell off,” the woman says. It’s important to note that while they’re having their conversation, there’s a tire jack under the vehicle and there are lugnuts removed from the left driver’s side tire of the woman’s white Mercedes.

“You want me to put it back together or-?” the confused mechanic asks.

“No I want you to get the hell off!” the woman shouts. “Get the hell off. Or I could drive you off…”

The repair tech then asks a man who is with the woman if he wants him to put the lugnuts back on. The woman continues to scream about different things property owners can do in the state of Georgia if they want someone removed from their land.

The worker then calmly tells her that there’s no reason for her to scream, and she starts hollering about how because she’s on her property that he’s “in her world, buddy.”

It isn’t until a minute passes into the video that the problem is revealed. The repair technicians are having difficulty removing the tire on the car as the lugnut key that the woman provided for them isn’t working on the tire. She avers that it’s the correct key, calling the man a “fool” and calling their work “bullshit.”

“Tighten it up and get the fuck out,” she screams again, her voice straining. “Instead of making yourself look more stupid.” The man still retains a professional demeanor while the woman hurls insults at him.

“I pity your mother who pushed you into this world,” the woman tells him.

“I don’t have a mother,” he says.

“Well I don’t have one either, I don’t have one either. So you shut the fuck up,” the woman says. “But you show some damn fucking respect.”

She then accuses the repair tech she’s screaming at of “scolding” her previously, which he denies, and then she doubles down and says that he did. The woman claims she has the “right” to have an attitude with whomever she wants.

“You didn’t raise me bitch,” she says. “I’m not a pushover. I’ll put a man where a man needs to be, you picked the wrong bitch…”

The “Mercedes Karen” then says that she’s going to complain to the auto manufacturer about the man’s attitude “so that they will never use your company.” She continues, “You said to come to do the work. Do the work and shut the fuck up.”

He reminds her that he’s not doing the work he was hired to do, but instead putting the tire back on the car, which seems to make her even more irritated.

“Put the tire back on and shut the fuck up!” she shouts.

The other man who is with the woman starts yelling. “We’re wasting time,” he says. The repair tech says that he needs another piece of equipment to get the tire back on, which only further infuriates the woman.

“You should’ve brought it!” she says. “You picked the wrong bitch. Nobody messes with me.”

She continues to go off while the repair tech retrieves the socket to properly fasten the lug nuts. He returns and finishes putting the tire back on while the older man with her asks the employee what size lug nut it is. The worker obliges the man’s request, showing it to him as the man peers in closely to look at it.

The woman then begins yelling at the men again as they leave the garage in her house. They’re at the truck, putting away their equipment when she tells them to “get the fuck out,” despite the fact that they’re clearly leaving.

The older man with the woman stares at them as they’re getting ready to leave, and the mechanic apologizes to him. “I’m so sorry about that sir,” he says.

In a follow-up video, the young man who was working on the car thanked folks for their words of support. He says that he will be uploading another video explaining everything that went down. The video has yet to be posted as of Sunday.

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“So everybody is wondering what happened, what went down…it was a crazy day but it was hard to keep my calmness, but it’s my job…” he says in the clip.

Viewers were shocked by the woman’s attitude and applauded the worker’s equality in the face of her flagrant disrespect.

“I would be very tempted to just drop the car and leave,” one user wrote. “That man has the patience of a saint.”

“The patience of this man is amazing…,” a second added.

“yup I would have just dropped it and left,” a third claimed.

One viewer made a quip about the woman’s Mercedes model. “All that for the cheapest Mercedes on the market lol,” they said.

“The old man wants you to take him with you. Lol,” another joked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Austin via TikTok comment for further information.

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