Kansas woman makes history as female aircraft mechanic

Kansas woman makes history as female aircraft mechanic

LAKIN, Kan. (KSNW) – “If it’s an airplane, I had to be around it,” said Kymberly Logan.

Logan, 35, knew she was destined to turn her love for flying into a career at a young age.

“Six months old, I got to take my first flight, and I guess I have just been hooked ever since,” Logan told KSN. The Kansas native grew up around planes. Her father and grandfather are pilots. While she loves soaring thousands of feet above, she also has a deep appreciation and passion for fixing aircraft.

“That’s the fun thing about being a mechanic in general aviation. Nothing is ever the same. You are constantly thrown a curveball here and there, have to do some troubleshooting, or you have to completely tear down an airplane to do a full restoration,” she explained.

Fewer than 3% of aircraft mechanics are women

Logan attended the Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She and her husband moved to Lakin in 2021 to maintain the Kearney County Airport. They also own and operate Logan Aviation, an aircraft maintenance company.

Kymberly Logan poses after receiving her aircraft mechanic certification. (Courtesy: Kymberly Logan)

“We assist the county in maintaining the airport, take care of the grounds, and then we also have the maintenance shop where we do a little bit of everything from oil changes to full restorations,” Kymberly said.

Logan is believed to be one of the only female aircraft mechanics within hundreds of miles of Lakin.

“West of Wichita, I am the only one I have met so far all the way towards about Pueblo (Colorado),” she said.

According to the 2021 US Civil Airmen Statisticsa study published by the FAA, only 2.62 percent of certified aircraft mechanics are female.

“Women are actually wanted in aviation because we have smaller hands and our attention to detail is a little bit more than men, so it is a desire for more women to be in the industry,” Kymberly said.

Kymberly credits her success to her dedication, hard work, and supportive family.

“The only reason I can do an amazing job is because I have got the support system, and I have done a lot of training,” she said.

“She’s gone out and done what she wanted to,” said Kymberly’s husband, Curtis Logan.

A family affair

Curtis and Kymberly recently welcomed their first daughter, Elaine, into the world. Elaine, nearing the 2-year mark, is a natural in the shop, helping mom and dad with many plane projects.

Kymberly Logan and her daughter, Elaine, work on a plane. (Courtesy: Kymberly Logan)

“She learned the difference between a wrench, a ratchet, and a screwdriver before she learned what was left, right, hand or foot, so it’s a work in progress,” laughed Kymberly.

Kymberly said she and Curtis make a great team. He handles a majority of the business side of things, while Elaine is happy to help wherever she is needed.

“She really tries, but we have to keep telling her she is not certified,” she laughed.

Kymberly said she is hopeful Elaine will grow up to follow her dreams just as she did.

“You can do anything if you put your mind to it. It does require the work, but you can do it,” she said.

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