Causes of Stuck Car Power Window

Causes of Stuck Car Power Window

The power window jam is sure to make you all irritated. Therefore, Otoklix has summarized how to fix a stuck car power window.

Power window is a feature on the car that serves to raise and lower the windshield with the help of a button. With this feature, you can raise and lower the windshield easily and practically.

However, this one feature can experience problems. One of them is when your car’s power window is jammed.

There are several things that cause the power on the window to suddenly jam. Here’s why your car’s power window is stuck.

Drive Motor Is Worn

Currently the car uses electric power, must use an electric motor as the main driver. Like other electric motors, this electric motor can also be damaged.

Brush or also known as brush motor is a part that is often damaged. The function of the brush is to distribute electric current from its original source to the rotating motor rotor.

The rotor is always rotating, of course it will continue to rub against the brush. The friction that occurs will gradually erode the motor brush.

The brush will wear out and the electric current will not be distributed properly. As a result, the motor will jam and the glass cannot be moved.

Usually, the glass that is jammed is only on one door. In this case, if the left front power is stuck, you can try to up and down with the switch on the driver’s side. If the glass does not move at all, it means the motor is jammed.

Car Glass Rails Too Dirty

The next cause of the power window not working could be because the car glass rails are dirty so the windshield can’t move. The windshield rail itself is quite prone to dirt, especially from dust or rainwater from outside.

Dirty car windshield rails can cause the car glass to get stuck and won’t go up. Glass rails that are too dirty will make a sound when the glass is moved up and down.

If the dirt is left and gets worse, the windshield will be jammed because it is stuck by the dirt on the rails. Problems like this may be underestimated, but if left unchecked can damage other components.

The way to deal with a car glass that is stuck due to dust is to spray silicone spray on the sidelines of the glass rails. Silicone spray will work well to clean the dirt that is on the windshield rails.

Aged Power Window Switch

The switch on the car is different from the switch on the lights or something else. The switch is more complicated, because in one switch it has three commands, namely window down, window up and also off.

While the switch in general has two commands, namely on and off. When on a trip, sometimes users often go up and down the windshield up to many times.

This may affect the life of the switch. When the switch is damaged, the windshield will be jammed and cannot be raised and lowered.

So that’s the cause of the power window stuck or damaged. For that, Otoklix has prepared a way to take care of your favorite car’s power windows so they don’t get damaged quickly.

Clean Car Glass Periodically

Car glass is very susceptible to dirt, especially the dirt on the glass rails can cause the glass to get stuck and cannot be raised and lowered because it is blocked by the dirt. Cleaning the glass regularly in addition to making the power windows more durable, can also prevent the components in the power from rusting easily.

The way to keep the glass in clean condition is to clean all parts of the glass regularly at least once a week using silicone spray on the market. You do this by spraying silicon spray onto the glass and between the glass rails to taste.

However, if before 1 week the windshield makes a sound when raised and lowered, that is a sign that there is dirt on the windshield or glass rails. The solution can be by spraying silicon spray on the glass.

Do not use liquids that can attract dust, such as oil-based liquids. Such a liquid will invite dust or dirt to stick.

If this liquid is used, the windshield will get dirty. Liquids or sprayers commonly used to clean electronic components can also be used to clean car windows.

Take care of the Glass Rail Rubber

To keep the power windows in tip-top condition, you should not raise and lower the windshield too often. The more often the windshield is raised and lowered, the more often the power window is used and it will be damaged quickly.

To be more durable and not easily jammed, use only as needed. If the windshield is lowered just a little bit, it is enough to get air from outside into the car, there is no need to lower the windshield as a whole.

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