Car Audio Suitable and Quality

Car Audio Suitable and Quality

The car audio is usually a complete standard that is produced by the factory, usually car owners prefer to replace it with a more sophisticated sound.

Convenience can be obtained from various things, one of which is entertainment. Generally, drivers will play songs on their cellphones or radios that can be connected to car audio via the head unit.Even for the sake of increasing comfort when listening to songs, some people are willing to spend a lot of money on car audio modifications.

Therefore, modifying the audio system is one of the things that must be done. To be able to get good sound quality on the car entertainment system.

Here are some points that you should pay attention to when choosing a car audio system.

1. Audio features

Choose the best car audio that has full features. So that when the music is set, the sound control can be adjusted according to your wishes. Choose audio that is equipped with treble, fade, balance, bass functions, to automatic level control.
Also choose the most complete audio, meaning that it can play music in DVD, MP3 and USB formats.

2. Ensuring Head Unit Quality

The quality of car audio is greatly influenced by the quality of the head unit on the sound system. When you choose a car audio device, make sure you choose a quality head unit with complete specifications. A good head unit usually has a time alignment feature which is very useful for producing good audio.

3. Select Audio according to your taste

The next way to determine a car sound system is to adjust the selection to your taste. At least there are some well-known types of car sound streams like SQL, SPL and SQ.

4. Make sure the features are complete

A quality car sound system certainly has quite complete features such as time alignment, amplifier and equalizer features.
You also have to make sure that the audio is equipped with a touch screen feature, making it easier for you when connecting your smartphone device with other devices.

5. Replace Default Speaker

The latest car already has a sophisticated and modern sound system. However, there are some built-in speakers that don’t produce good sound quality.
There are 2 types of options such as split and coaxial. Split has an advantage in terms of sound clarity and coaxial has an advantage in terms of price and installation process.

6. Sound System Sound Test Before Purchase

So that you don’t feel deep regret later, you should do the test first. You have to make sure the bass notes sound right in front of the device and also make sure the sound quality is high or low.

7. Check the installation

In-car audio installation is also the most important thing. Don’t get the audio installation entangled. Cables are scattered everywhere, if they are damaged or broken, the sound will also be disturbed.
To get the maximum sound sensation, tidy up the installation starting from the cable provided or hidden in a protected place.

8. Wide frequency

So that the sound produced is booming and booming, choose speakers with a frequency of 40 Hz and below. Low frequency, indicating the speaker is more resistant to low sounds like rock music.

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