Aaron Kwok once an air-conditioner mechanic with $311 salary, Entertainment News

Aaron Kwok once an air-conditioner mechanic with $311 salary, Entertainment News

This Heavenly King of Hong Kong pop music had humble beginnings.

In a recent episode of TVB’s 55th Anniversary Footprint, it was revealed that pop legend Aaron Kwok worked as an air-conditioner mechanic before he found success at TVB.

During the episode, images of Aaron’s application to TVB to be a dancer in 1984 were shared, including details such as his prior employment and salary received.

According to these images, the 18-year-old Aaron worked as an air-conditioner mechanic before joining TVB, earning a salary of HK$1,700 (S$311). He was introduced to join the broadcaster by a “canteen boy” from the company.


TVB’s 55th Anniversary Footprint is a commemorative variety show that celebrates milestones in TVB and the people who have made it big in the industry.

In this episode, the showbiz debuts of the Four Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong pop music — Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai and Jacky Cheung — were addressed.

But getting to the point he’s at now hasn’t been smooth sailing all the way for Aaron, now 56.

In an autobiography published in 1991 directly translated as I Need Love, Aaron Kwok also spoke about how, upon joining TVB, his salary didn’t increase for half a decade.

“I always went to work with guilt,” he wrote as he explained how his mother would express care and concern for him but he had no income progression to show for it.


Aaron wrote then: “I don’t have many requirements. I just want to provide a home that is a little more spacious than my current one so that my parents could live comfortably. But with my income, this dream is still far away! “

And when he got a role in the 1990 martial arts drama The God and the Demons of Zu Mountain, he was related.

At home, as he excitedly pointed out to his family where he was in the show trailer, he recalled his family appearing apologetic — they couldn’t see where he was because he was too tiny on the screen.

“That day, when I faced my family, I felt a little guilty. I made an oath to myself, ‘If I have the chance, I would definitely put up a good show so that you could clearly see me.'”

Last Sunday (Sept 25), Aaron shared his pride on Instagram as he celebrated the 32nd anniversary since the beginning of his illustrious music career.


“To many people, this may just be an ordinary day but to me, it is an exceptionally meaningful one.

“On this day [32 years ago], I published the song Loving You Forever — I had my own record and began my journey in performance arts. Being able to sing, dance and act are all things that make me happy.”

Thanking his fans and the people who have supported him through the years, he added: “I promise everyone, today and in the future, my heart will never change. I will continue to do my best on every stage.

“Whether it’s Loving You Forever or Never-ending Love, these will always be the tacit understanding between me and all of you, the eternal theme song we share and the driving force of my efforts.”


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