Features on Rarely Used Cars

Features on Rarely Used Cars

Improving Driver Safety using ADAS – Components and Features

Every manufacturer of a product will definitely try to make the product as perfect as possible so that consumers are interested in buying. For example the best car oil that is equipped with various special formulas to make the engine more durable and comfortable to drive. This also applies to car manufacturers who continue to strive to equip their production cars with various additional features, both to improve driving safety and to cool cars. Unfortunately, some of these features turn out to be useless features because they are not utilized by vehicle owners, including:

1.      Cruise control

This feature will make the driver free from stepping on the gas pedal because after you make the settings, the vehicle will go stably at that speed. This feature is usually used when driving on freeway or toll roads where you can drive in high speed. Unfortunately this cool feature is rarely used by the public because they still do not feel confident about driving safety if the gas pedal is not controlled alone.

2.      Child lock

This feature will make the car door can not be opened from inside the car and can only be opened from the outside. This feature will secure your child while he is on the go and they will openly open the car door. But sometimes many people forget to turn off this feature when driving without children so it feels troublesome and chose not to use this feature.

3.      Isofix

Not all car owners know the function of this feature. Isofix is ​​a feature that functions to lock a special toddler seat mounted on a car bench. However, many car owners who have babies or toddlers actually choose to put their babies directly on the bench because they do not have this particular bench. Because, a car bench for babies is quite expensive and the usage period is limited. So it is considered a pity if you have to buy it.

4.      Seat belt

A seat belt that is rarely used is not the seat belt in front, but the seat belt in the second or third row. Many car passengers feel that the seat belt only needs to be used by the front passenger only. When in fact, all passengers still need to use it for their own safety.

What about you, what features in your car do you rarely use?

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