Fury as Woman Asks Husband for ‘Gas Money’ After Affair With Their Mechanic

Fury as Woman Asks Husband for ‘Gas Money’ After Affair With Their Mechanic

A heartbreaking post on Reddit has prompted sympathy and advice from users online.

In the post, which has over seven thousand likes, as well as twelve thousand comments, user conscious-ant4675 describes how he was married for five years to a woman, and they shared a four-year-old daughter, and two children from her previous marriages.

“About two months ago,” he explains, “we went to the mechanic shop to get her car serviced, and the guy there [well] she kept talking to him and looking at him. I ended up talking to him to because I had a Raiders jersey on and he said he was a big fan of the raiders.

“Anyway, I work 10 hour days, [and] she absolutely hates but she is a stay at home wife. I pay all the bills so I have to be away.”

The Reddit user then dropped the bombshell.

Cheating Wife
Cheating wife. Stock Images. A man has gained sympathy on Reddit after his wife, and mother of his child left him for a mechanic.
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“She was seeing this guy we met at the car shop everyday I was at work, behind my back. Three weeks ago, I came home she wrote me a text saying she was gone and she’s in love with this guy and she believes this is her soulmate.

“This guy, I did my research, has no place to stay so they all have been living in the car I pay for in different parks. The sad part? She left our four-year-old behind and took the other two kids that are not mine. She has blocked me on everything.”

He describes how family members are sending him pictures of his ex-wife in her “happy” new relationship.

“It hurts to the core. I can’t eat, sleep, or function at work… I took care of her, loved her when she was sick, loved her children. The worst thing she said I did was work too much and that I didn’t have time for her.”

A recent situation added further stress where police officers apparently turned up at his house with his ex-wife, so she could pick up her belongings.

“She gathered up some more clothes and said toss the rest she’ll never be back. I looked outside and the guy she’s with is sitting in the passenger seat.”

He continues: “Oh yeah, and she texted me this morning saying do I have gas money for her and will I pay the car note and maybe she will talk to me face to face but this is the only way.

“I didn’t respond, I am NUMB. Yes I worked a lot I’m sorry I didn’t have time to take you to the movies or a special dinner but we have never been hungry one day, have a beautiful house and I always give you anything you ask for. Why not COMMUNICATE so I could have worked on being a better husband and father. My wife is so beautiful I thought I was lucky but now see the real her.”

Divorce. Stock Images. May users on Reddit urged the man to start the divorce process.
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The top comment, with over six thousand likes, strongly advises legal action.

User georgial38 responded: “Get a lawyer. File for divorce and full custody. (Hoping you’ve already done this. If not, do it tomorrow!). She has abandoned you, your marriage, your child and the family home. If her name is on the deed/mortgage, this is important.

“Get screenshots of all her glowy posts about her new life…in the car. If the car is in your name and not hers, report it stolen. If it’s in your name, don’t stop paying for it, [as] that hits your credit report. Call CPS. Those other two girls should be in school right now. Are they? Don’t be surprised if she hands them over and CPS shows up on your doorstep with the other two kids. Have a plan for that!!!”

Therapists specializing in affairs, Affair Recovery, suggest that after being cheated on by a spouse, they will have a difficult time, with a wide range of difficult emotions.

They say: “Life after divorce and betrayal can leave the injured spouse with an unfounded fear regarding the faithfulness of future partners. It’s understandable, but the need for safety can be higher for these individuals.

“Choosing not to mistrust is frequently a daily struggle and key to divorce recovery. It’s no wonder that hypervigilance becomes a natural part of their being. The old saying, ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’ rings truer than ever before. The last thing they want is to be hurt again and in their mind “better safe than sorry” can become a limiting factor for future relationships.”

Wolfmana commented: “I know it hurts but you can’t care what she thinks about anything anymore. She lost that right the second she left you.”

Virtual_bartender commented: “At least you know what to look for in your next relationship. It happened to me as well and thank god I learned.”

Adric_01 commented: “Hard to see red flags when you have rose colored glasses on man. Don’t blame yourself for her behavior.”

Newsweek is still trying to determine the veracity of the claims.

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